Backpackers Guide to Sri Lanka

Backpackers Guide

If you are a Backpackers and you are willing to go Sri Lanka certainly you have guidance. But you don't have proper guidance about food, destination, sightseeing, living cost in  Sri Lanka. Therefore This article will enforce  you to visit Sri Lanka with knowledge of Backpackers Guide

what is a Backpackers

Backpackers travel on a low cost and tries to find places where few other people ever visit. similarly Backpackers don't want to stay star hotel they are just finding cheapest places but make high attention for the quality of the place.

Why do you visit Sri Lanka as Backpackers?

Sri Lanka, Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Ceylon is the best place for backpackers. Mainly low cost and hidden places are encouraging you to go sri Lanka. This article will guide a backpackers in Sri lanka. Firstly take a time and walking around the street, secondly talk with local people and get understand there through and try to familiar with sri Lankan, moreover you can find out best home stay rather than your existing one however always remmber you are not in your mother land but also you are traveled person as backpackers.

Doe it low transport cost in Sri Lanka? Does it very cheap to Backpackers?

Private car, three weel (tuk tuk), public transport, Railway ,walking   and cycling are the different ways you can use an easily in Sri Lanka. Mostly tuk tuk and public transport will make comfortable for backpackers So it will help for backpackers  to travel along but Local people are willing to help you So don't be afraid to visit as backpackers. There are couple of mobile app which are giving a useful guidance for backpackers about transport. Pick me, Uber
backpackers guide sri lanka Cycling
Cycling (Motorcycle) Backpackers
CategoryLKR per KmUSD per Km
Private car550.5
Three wheel (tuk tuk)350.25
Public transport (bus) more details 100.1
Railway more details100.1
Cycling (Motorcycle)200.2
Cycling (bicycle)Per day price 5000Per day price 50

How is the food and price will give a proper guidance to backpackers

Spicy is the keyword of Sri Lankan food, As a result of that Sri Lankan foods are delicious. Sri Lankan food can be categorize as follows. During the your visit in Sri Lanka you can taste western, Indian food. But mostly those restaurant are in urban and suburban cities. Most importantly don't forget to taste Sri lankan spicy foods.
  • Village food
  • Popular food
backpackers guide sri lanka polos ambula
polos ambula

 Village food for backpackers

You can taste traditional foods with more spicy, In specially following items can recommended. Backpackers can buy any of the following at anyway in Sri lanka. Mostly there are restaurants by side of main road even in rural area so you don't worry about foods. The price of the food will going cheaper price in rural area than city. Village foods are more natural no artificial ingredient or any hidden recipe, So As  Backpackers you can discuss about  recipe with restaurant owner or else you can cook with them. On the other hand Sri lankan peoples are very friendly, honest and They know about hospitality from beginning.
  1. Polos ambula(Jack Fruit Curry) with rice
  2. Pol sombola with rice
  3. String hoppers with sambol
  4. Hoppers with lunu miris
  5. Kiribath with lunu miris
  6. Malu ambulthiyal with rice

Popular food for backpackers

Floor is the main ingredient of the popular food  in addition that rice make in different ways in city area rather than traditional way. Popular food can buy mostly in urban area but some time they are selling even in rural area. so Backpackers  don't want to afraid on it.
  1. Kottu
  2. Parata
  3. Malu roti
  4. Fried rice

Most Valuable place backpackers should go

Sri lanka has a total area of 65,610 km² but if you want to go cool area as backpacker, Then it will take only 3-4 hours only from capital of Colombo. Sri lanka has couple of destination such as Ella, Matale, Nuwara Eliya and Deniyaya which are going to cool you. Not only that suppose that you like to visit sunny beach, So Sri Lanka has beautiful coastal area around the island So as backpacker, you can go any beach within one hour wherever you are in Sri Lanka. But please refer to any local guide because Some time, Some month you are not allow to go some beach because of unsafe, Most importantly Hikkaduwa, Trincomalee ,Tangalle,Koggala , Arugam Bay, Kalpitiya are the best place that you have to visit

Backpackers guidance who loves historical place

Anuradhapura, Sigirya, Dambulla and Polonnaruwa are the highest priority but not only that Kelaniya, Katharagama , Sri pada are also best place to visit. Furthermore bicycle is recommended for you to visit Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa because as backpacker you have to cover huge historical area, In other word there are lot of place you have to see in carefully therefore also recommended walking. However you can take tuk tuk that will easy for you because three person can go at a time. So It will be a cost effective method for you as backpacker.  

Do you need to see Wild life as backpackers?

There are several place you have to visit in Sri Lanka,  for example Udawalawa, Minnariya, Kumana, Wasgamuwa, Yala, and sinharaja are most valuable and cost effective places for you as backpackers, Importantly all of them are managing by Sri lanka government so they are always giving you to proper guidance into all backpackers. So first of all you have to introduce them to you as backpackers, probably it will help your safety. Even more you can make discussion with them finally it will help your knowledge of wild life  

Summary - backpackers Guide to Sri Lanka

Almost all the key factors have been discussed on this article So now you have clear idea about guidance and backpackers. furthermore if some thing has missed please inform us. Because we are willing to give you a effective guidance about Sri Lanka. finally Good luck all the backpackers. Furthermore Do like to read Blogger experience on Sri Lanka visit as tourist as well as backpacker. Then this is the  article for you.
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