Most Beautiful Beaches In Sri Lanka

Most Beautiful Beaches In Sri Lanka

Sri lanka is not the richest country in the whole wide world and it is absolutely right. But we all know Sri lanka is amazing county among others. So, What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of Sri Lanka? Surely, you think of Tea, Coconut, and Rubber. Or else you don’t know anything. The first thing that Sri Lanka is a golden island surrounded by oceans and seas. Also, The beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, my friends. Of course, They are the most precious beaches and a true wonder that wows every tourist. With 1,340 km of coastline, the beautiful beaches in Sri lanka offer an unforgettable summer experience. Also Sri Lanka has a total area of 65,610 km², with 64,740 km² of land and 870 km² of water. So, Tourist can opt for sunbathing and swimming on urban.

Sri Lanka beach can categorize based on location. Moreover, Those are Western, South, eastern and north. So, Above map illustrate it.

Sri Lanka beach summary

BeachesBest time to visit to beachesActivity
Negombo BeachMarch to Septembersun bathing
Mount Lavinia BeachJanuary to March Also  August to Novembersun bathing and sea bathing
Beruwala BeachOctober to Aprilwater scooter rides
water skiing
Bentota BeachNovember to AprilSwimming and soaking up the sun
Surfing and Surf school
Whale watching
small island and hill
Induruwa BeachJanuary to AugustSwimming and surfing
Hikkaduwa BeachMarch to SeptemberSwimming and surfing
Galle BeachSeptember to Marchsun bathing
Unawatuna BeachDecember to April and July to SeptemberSwimming and surfing
Koggala Beach January to Marchsun bathing
Weligama BeachDecember to March.Swimming and sun bathing
surfing and Surf school
boat ride
Mirissa BeachDecemberSwimming and sun bathing
surfing and Surf school
boat ride
Polhena Beach
November to JanuarySwimming and sun bathing
surfing and Surf school
boat ride


Western Most Beautiful Beaches – Sri Lanka

01. Beautiful Negombo Beach – best time March to September

Even though, many think of Negombo as a place for family holidays, of course, it is so more than that. With the nature and spectacular, beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, uniquely March to September is the best time to visit Negombo beach. This beach is situated on the western province, Gampaha district. So, Hotels around Negombo can find from here. There are many star hotel even home stays. Then, you can find best restaurants around the Negombo town. On hour drive from Colombo.  Also, half and hour from Katuanayaka international Airport.

Negombo Beach
Negombo Beach


02. Beautiful Mount Lavinia Beach – best time January to March & August to November

Mount Lavinia Beach is situated heart of colombo. As well as, This is a best destination to enjoy a great beach holiday. It is just 30 minutes from Colombo. January to March and August to November can consider as best time to visit. It is also called as “Golden Mile”. Do not forget the nightlife, too.  Many beach restaurants are there. So, You can choose either westen or local. Overall you can enjoy great hospitality.There are few people in weekday but it is crowded on weekends. lifeguards are there. Additionally, Train is best transportation method rather than bus due to you need to walk more than 1 km. Certainly, One of the scenic beaches in Sri Lanka. Of course, There are more places to enjoy. Furthermore, Restaurants, Hotels and street food are also available in there. All in all, it’s worth every dime.

Mount Lavinia Beach
Mount Lavinia Beach

03. Beautiful Beruwala Beach Sri Lanka – best time October to April

Beruwala is Located from 55 km south of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Also, It is only 2 hours from Colombo. So, Travel there to experience the ocean’s energy. October to April is a season for Beruwala Beach. Of course, This is very nice beach for families and also restaurants are near by. You can bath & swim in this sea.  If you are there, Then you can determine it is Shallow beach.  similarly Nice and mild waves. Beruwala Beach will be the favourite beach as sea a lover. It is like a pool not dangerous. You don’t have to worry about food and drinks. Also, Beruwala Beach is one of the best beach among all the Beaches In Sri Lanka.

Beruwala Beach
Beruwala Beach

04. Beautiful Bentota Beach Sri Lanka – best time November to April

No words about Bentota Beach. Come to Sri Lanka then go to Bentota.  Remember that hope you guys enjoyed that. Beautiful day as Bentota Beach and this epic sunset by the beach. There are really good restaurant. Very beautiful beach And also Peaceful area clean water and good waves. You can definitely enjoy your time Bentota Beach. You can see the sunrise and sunset from the beach side. Identically, It’s safes beach you can swim any time. early morning , morning, afternoon , evening or even midnight. People is very kind, helpful and easygoing. Beach is huge and there are a plenty of hotels including few big ones.

Beautiful views of the waters, breathtaking sunset views and nice sand and surf. Also, There are so many water-air-activities. Bentota Beach has Lot of restaurants So don’t have to worry about hungry. So, You can always go in to one of those and grab some food and drinks. You can get an awesome experience of life.


Bentota Beach Sri lanka
Bentota Beach Sri lanka


Down South Most Beautiful Beaches – Sri Lanka

05. Beautiful Induruwa Beach Sri Lanka – best time January to August

This member of the club of beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka has a plethora of everything. Induruwa Beach is no far from colombo. Just 70 km away from Colombo. This place is not popular among Sri lankans. So it is a silent place. You can find hotel and other accommodation from here. You can use train also to travel to Induruwa Beach.
Induruwa Beach
Induruwa Beach

06. Beautiful Hikkaduwa Beach Sri Lanka – best time March to September

It is a Blue Flag beach with soft and silky sand in Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa is known as Hikka. Hikkaduwa beach is a very exciting place mainly because of the calm water and the white sand that is smooth beneath your feet. March to September is the best time to visit Hikkaduwa Beach. It is 130km from Colombo. So, You can use train or bus to visit Hikkaduwa Beach. Hikkaduwa is one of the best beach location on the south coast of the country.  You can find easily nice cafes and restaurants. diving and snorkeling are main two activities on Hikka beach. Also you can see, different variety of fishes in the Hikkaduwa Beach, you may have best luck to see big turtles at the beach. Hika beach is like natural Swimming Pool. So, Please come and see.

On the other hand you can see Dead corals. Glass bottomed boats are available So people can see beautiful underwater. Uniquely, Walking salesman and beggars the most worst thing on there.  So be careful.

Hikkaduwa Beach divers surfers
Hikkaduwa Beach divers surfers


07. Beautiful Galle Beach Sri Lanka  – best time September to March

Travel to the most popular beach out of all beautiful beaches in Sri lanka located in a conservation area and make your time there worthwhile. Galle Fort is there. There are lot of place to buy a food. and also there are variety of hotel as you budget.

galle Beach sri lanka
galle Beach sri lanka


08. Beautiful Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka- best time December to April / July to September

You need to gonna go down south. 30 minutes away from Matara also one hour from colombo. Very narrow road towards the beach. Colorful fish and plentiful turtles are in these waters.  You are going to experience Stilts fishing, traditional method of fishing. Unawatuna Beach is a Leisure Land. So, Boat will waiting to see some whales with you. Unawatuna is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and famous for its beautiful beach and corals. Stilts fishing(fishing on a pole) is originated in the fishing on the steel pole which remained at coral reef after the second world war. As well as, under the blazing sun, fisherman balancing their body with two legs on the pole.

Sri Lankan fisherman to feel the wisdom of their forefathers. The depth of water is shallow but many fish inhabit near coral reef. Plenty of seafood restaurants. Enjoy a swim in the beautiful beach too. Uniquely, This beach is very popular for scuba. As well as, There are a number of snorkeling and diving operators. Right edge of the beach is better for children. The town is small but has great shopping. Also lot of guesthouses. Additionally, Many trendy restaurants, and quite some activities and sightseeing nearby.

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka
Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka

 10. Beautiful Koggala Beach – best time January to March

Koggala Beach is the most popular tourist attraction beach in southern province. Also, Better place to spend your free time with family or friends. Stunning long beach is there.  No much of  facilities or cafes. There are only a few hotels and restaurants with sun beds.  Koggala Beach is a kind of little rough beach. But You can see very wonderful sunset moment at the evening. If you want to swimming, be careful!
Koggala Beach Sri lanka
Koggala Beach Sri lanka

11. Beautiful Weligama Beach Sri Lanka- best time December and March.

Weligama is a fishing town. You can Absolutely love Weligama Beach and what it has offer!. The weather is really hot here. So, don’t forget the sunblock hat and your sunglasses. Weligama  town there is a fish market. Weligama Beach is similar to Marissa. Superb place for beginner surfers. Weligama Beach  has more spots to rent a surf board and shirt for around LKR 250. You can see non ending waves at Weligama Beach. There are fisherman for boat ride. Specially in the evening you can see a beautiful sunset with blue sky. Weligama Beach does not have any age restrictions. All ages are welcome to Weligama Beach.
It is kind of huge beach. So, Locals and foreign visitors are selected Weligama Beach as their relaxing point. Also surfing schools are in the Weligama beach. Also, Surf board are available everywhere in the beach. You can walk more than 500 meters in to the ocean too. Of course, You can find lot of hotels and restaurant at the Weligama.
Weligama Beach sri lanka
Weligama Beach sri lanka


12. Beautiful Mirissa Beach – best time December

You are at the Mirissa Beach. Then no more hiking. Also no more car rides. Again, It is just relax at the Mirissa Beach. Remember to take surfboards. As well as, It is rent out as hourly basis. Also, You can see the fishermen on stilts on your way to Mirissa Beach. There are lot of of bars and restaurants. So don’t forget food, Specializing seafood. Definitely you may enjoy with Surf & Yoga. Please watch the sunset under coconut tree. And also, It is easy to find best night food in coastal area. But better to go in early morning to feel the peace.
Do you want to see good panoramic view Mirissa Beach, then climb up to small mountain in the sea. That small island called as “Gira Gala”. In English Parrot rock. The rock is little bit slippery. So, Please be careful. Also, The waterproof camera recommend to Mirissa Beach. Surf school are there. So, learn surfing and try it on Mirissa Beach. The best surfing is on the west end. Also, The waves are perfect for beginner surfers.
Most of the local and  few foreigners are throwing out so many garbage and lots of plastic things. So, Please don’t do that.
Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka
Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka

13. Polhena Beach – best time November to January

Polhena Beach is a one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. So, many peoples are coming here to bath. It is very clean beach. So, You can’t see the garbage everywhere. It is a large sea pool. You can walk large distance from the coast. The coral reef are blocking waves. Therefore the water is very calm and relaxing. You can go to their with your families and friends. Also, Polhena Beach is a safe place for children. Also, Very good place for lean coral reef. Of course, You can get help from life saving unit at any time. The sea bath is main thing you can do. In the morning there is a clear water. Polhena Beach is more popular among Sri Lankans than the foreigners. So You all are are welcome to this lovely beach. But, Alcohol is prohibited in this beach.

You can find Parking very easy. Also washing points available with reasonable price. Sometimes you can see sea turtles. Of course, You can see little fishes easy. Also, The scuba diving is main thing at Polhena Beach. Also, All the supporting things are available there for diving. Moreover, Plenty of  hotels and rooms at reasonable cost. Again, Remember to go a boat ride to see coral.

Please Keep the beach clean Also no plastic. Uniquely, Safety notice are updated base to weather. Forget to say,  surfing is common thing in Polhena Beach

Polhena Beach sri lanka
Polhena Beach sri lanka

Summary Most Beautiful Beaches In Sri Lanka

There are more than 34 most beautiful beaches In Sri Lanka.  But in here you can read only 13 beaches. Also Lot of hotels and restaurant are there nearby. Also, Sri lanka beaches are  good to swim in and very warm. Then sun bathing is the main things to do. Of course, Many more to do. Of course, You are welcome to Sri lanka.

Most Beautiful Beaches In Sri Lanka
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Amazing beach.

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Very beautiful beach. You can bath as well. You can see sunrise from the beach, also, fishermen are there.

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Great beach. Was nice seeing the local fishermen setting and pulling out the nets.

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Nice place to bath swim and diving. Its a safe place to enjoy.

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One of the Most beautiful beach in sri lanka

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Beautiful Place...

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Nature of srilankan


Most relaxing place especially after this pandemic there is only countable amount of people come here. Give it a try

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Super place.

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more then 5 surfing pots around arugam Bay

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