Pahanthudawa Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Pahanthudawa Waterfall is the one of the most beautiful water fall in Sri Lanka. This beautiful waterfall located in Belihuloya area in Sabaragamuwa Province -Sri Lanka. You need to cross bund to reach the waterfall. You can reach within few meters to the waterfall From main road. So, It not to far from Belihuloya town. Further more, There is a small byroad that originates from the Belihul Oya-Landuyaya road. Also There are many hotels and guest houses in this area was based on this Pahanthudawa Waterfall. Yes! Parking is available and they will charge few amount. Remember they will charge per head when you enter the Pahanthudawa Waterfall area. This place make a risk when there is rain. So, slippery after drizzle so need to careful. If your are a foreign visitor please the backpacker guide too.

Pahanthudawa Waterfall
Pahanthudawa Waterfall

Why Pahanthudawa Waterfall in Sri Lanka is special?

The name of the waterfall  “Pahanthudawa” came because of the shape of this waterfall. It is look like the wick of the lamp. It is a nice curves made by the nature. Also local people call it as “Galagama Ella”. Not only that It is know as “Pahanthuda Ella” too. The birth of this waterfall is the “Hawagala” mountain range. In there, You can see two waterfalls with amazing views. Then you can relaxing you mind. Further more  you can feel the wonder of nature that you never experienced. To reach the waterfall, You need to going through the jungle. So, it is an interesting adventure for hikers. you can read more on here

Why Pahanthudawa Waterfall is special
Why Pahanthudawa Waterfall is special

Be careful – Pahanthudawa Waterfall in Sri Lanka

During rainy days, Water Force might be harder than you think. So make sure to get some advice from area people. Also remember about slippery. Some time, Water level can be suddenly increase. There are couple of Some water ponds. And also some of them are very deep. Think twice before jump in. The water looks muddy and not clear as it was raining whole night. The place is beautiful as well as dangerous, As  we know many deaths have been recorded in here. So we do not recommend to dive near the waterfall as the water levels rapidly change.

Things to do:

Pahanthudawa area is rich in bio diversity. So The place is with terrestrial and fresh water eco systems. Toads, damselflies, dragonflies, butterflies and many mire insects and animals are visible along the walk.


It’s a waterfall with an iconic view. Height of the waterfall is almost 05 meters. it shape is like a wick of traditional oil lamp. This waterfall  is located in 1.5 kilometers by near belihuloya bridge on A4 route.

FAQ Pahanthudawa Waterfall in Sri Lanka

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No. It is strictly prohibited.

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Lot of ponds are there. But you have to be carefully

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Get on to bus Colombo to Badulla, Bandarawela or Welimada. And get down at Belihuloya Rest House.

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It is just Rs 20/- per locals. For foreigners more that locals

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Yes there is. Approximately LKR 100/-

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Panthudawa ella, Belihuloya rest house, Hirikatu oya, Nunperial and most impaortan place is Pahanthudawa Waterfall

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Belihuloya Sabaragamuwa province – Sri Lanka

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It is look like the wick of the lamp.

Pahanthudawa Waterfall in Sri Lanka
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Supun Bandara

A wonderful waterfall in Sri Lanka. Must visit place

CoolBoy Safa

That Vedio shooted here in this place at the Locked down days.. by the way location is superb and you can have a good time.

Zabith Sheriff

One of the best video shoot location in srilanka. Currently its on trending

Suranjith NK

Pahanthuda Waterfall is situated about 1.5 km away from Belihuloya in the Ratnapura district. It is 5 meters high. The fall gets its name due to its base pool in the shape of a “pahana”, a clay lamp used in Buddhist temples and the fall resembling the wick of the lamp. Hike to Pahanthuda Waterfall Pahanthuda Waterfall is a branch of the Belihuloya Reservoir. It is popular for its mystique beauty and serene natural environment. The hike to Pahanthuda Waterfall goes through a jungle which makes it an interesting adventure for ardent hikers. The waterfall powers a mini hydro power plant which supplies water for locals in the surrounding area. From Belihuloya travel along the Colombo – Batticaloa Highway to reach the Pahanthuda Waterfall.

Mohamed Fahd

Beautiful waterfall located in Belihuloya. Have to walk a bit. Should be careful because the water level can suddenly rise. Travel safely.

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 3 reviews
 by Gayan Sanjeewa
Nice waterfall in Belihuloya

Pahanthuda Waterfall is situated about 1.5 km away from Belihuloya in the Ratnapura district.

 by Dush
A wonderful waterfall in Sri Lanka. Must visit place

Pahanthudawa is a unique, small but a breathtaking waterfall situated close to Belihul Oya area.

 by Kamal
Pahanthudawa is a beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka

Gorgeous hidden waterfall near to belihul oya

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