Street food Sri Lanka

Street food Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is best place to taste a street food. There is high variety of street foods in Sri Lanka.¬† Wheat flour is the main part of street food.¬† Also, Rice flour is used to making a street food. Sri lankan use coconut to enhance the flavor. Street food are Sweet and tasty. But some of Street food’s are too hot. Of course, In Sri Lanka, Meat and fish are less used to make street food. Sinhalese are playing big roll in street food side. So Sri lanka street foods are bit of traditional. Also they use more and more spice for street food. Mainly there are two type of street food in Sri Lanka. Please go head and read my friend.

Traditional street food

Rice flour is main ingredient. Again, white rice flour or Red rice flour use for making the street food. Sinhalese are make traditional street food. So, bit of spicy and hot. Those time they did all the thing by hand. But now a days there are some modern technique.

01. String hoppers

String hoppers is the best and first street food in Sri Lanka. You can buy it as red color or white color. It is like get one free one. Free one is Pol Sambol. Coconut is used for Pol Sambol. String hoppers mostly use in morning. So, It is like Breakfast food. But you can try it in dinner. Also, You can taste in day time too. you can buy 10 string hopper for 50 rupees. So, It is Less than one dollar. Local people call it as “idi yappam”. You can try String hoppers with dhal curry. But, If you like, you can eat with chicken curry too. Also, Polos ambula is not a bad choice. So as sum up,

String hopper -> Pol Sambol or dhal curry or chicken curry or Polos ambula

string hopper - street food sri lanka
string hopper

02. Hoppers

Next most popular street food is a hoppers in Sri lanka. Same as above, you can choose the color of hoppers. Remember to eat both White or red hoppers. Similarly, Lunumiris is free with hoppers. But Mostly hopper eats in morning. But you can easily buy at night for dinner. Hoppers price also less than one dollar. Then, It is just 20 rupees. Maximum 30 rupees. Sri lankan say “Appa” for hoppers. Also, You can eat hoppers with jaggery. Remember to try cup of tea after hoppers. See the sum up,

hoppers Р> Lunumiris  or jaggery and cup of tea

hopper - street food sri lanka

03. lavariya – street food sri lanka

lavariya is a sweet food. Also It is same as String hoppers but not like that. There is a pani pol inside the lavariya. Yes you can buy it red or white color. So, Rice flour use for making a lavariya. Maximum It is 50 rupees each. No need any other curry for lavariya. Lavariya is kind of snack in Sri Lanka. Good to breakfast. You can taste lavariya with tea. Remember to eat in just after cooked.

lavariya- > cup of tea

lavariya - street food sri lanka

04. Halapa

Halapa is a traditional food in Sri lanka. So halapa is a nutritious sweet. Do you think about best time to eat Halapa. Then, You can eat halapa in the afternoon with cup of tea. Kurakkan use to make a halapa. Halapa is wrapped with leaf. So, That leaf called “Kanda Kola”. You can buy a one halapa for 40 ruppes too. So It is a less than one dollar.

halapa – > cup of tea

halapa - street food sri lanka

05. Pittu

Pittu is another food from rice floor. So you can taste it red or white color. Price it not a too much. Less than one dollar. Mostly you can buy one pittu from fifty bucks. Pittu is used as breakfast food. You can try pittu with Lunumiris. Also, Coconut milk is a supper with Pittu.

Pittu – > Lunumiris or Coconut milk


06. Kiribath

Kiribath is a more traditional dish in Sri Lanka. They use Kiribath in the morning as a breakfast. Please try kiribath with a Lunumiris. So, Kiribath is a cooking rice with coconut milk. Yes my dear friend, You can eat red or white color. 50 bucks is ok to buy one. So you can buy kiribath any time. But remember to taste it in the morning.

Kiribath – > Lunumiris

kiribath - Street food Sri Lanka

Summay – Street food Sri Lanka

As a summary, There are lot of street foods in Sri Lanka. Most of them are too traditional. But those are very delicious and hot. And also, You can buy in fair price. Then one dollar is too much. You can try all the street food in one day. Because all of them have different taste. Sri lankan street foods are more healthy. Coconut and rice floor is the main things of it. And also, You can cook Sri lankan street food by yourself. No hidden recopies like a other foods. Forgot to say, You can try also following street food in Sri lanka.

  1. Saw dodal (Welithalapa)
  2. Dodal
  3. Kurakkan thalapa
  4. Aggala

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