The ancient city of Anuradhapura

The ancient city of Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is the first legendary kingdom of Sri Lanka. Furthermore Anuradhapura is the one of the ancient city of Sri Lanka. Additionally It is the capital city on 3rd BC -10th AD. Anuradhapura is established in 380. Minister Anuradha has been developed Anuradhapura city. At that time Sri lanka ruled by King Pandukhabaya. Right now it is the capital city of North Central Province. also Anuradhapura is located at 206 km away from Colombo. Anuradhapura is popular for ruins. furthermore The ruins of Anuradhapura showing the skill of Sinhalese. Massive rainwater reservoirs are a common thing for this area. Anuradhapura is situated in the dry zone. Identically rainwater reservoirs continue to supply water for the irrigation up to now.



What you can see in Anuradhapura.

There are lot of ruins in this city. The view of the rainwater reservoirs are also having beautiful view.


1. Sri Maha Bodhi

Sri Maha Bodhi is one of the most ancient trees. Uniquely Sri Maha Bodhi has a legend. Even today standing in the Mahamewna Gardens. Gautama Buddha had attained enlightenment in front of Sri Maha Bodhi in India. Additionally there is living link connection between Gautama Buddha and Sri Maha Bodhi. There is one important thing you can miss very easily which is old fence of Sri Maha Bodhi.

Sri Maha Bodhi
Sri Maha Bodhi



2. Ruwanweliseya


The Ruwanwelisaya stupa is the largest stupas. Moreover It is built by King Dutugemunu. Also it called as Maha stupa. as well as It is also known as  Swarnamali Chaitya, Suvarnamali Mahaceti (in Pali) and Rathnamali Dagaba. The Ruwanweliseya stupa height is 338 feet and a diameter of 951 ft. Keep in mind you have to remove your shoes to enter to Ruwanwelisaya. This is one of the Solosmasthana and the Atamasthana too.


3. Jetavanaramaya Monastery

The Jethawana Stupa is the largest stupa in the Sri Lanka. It was built by King Mahasena. additionally It was completed by his son Sirimeghavanna. Today it stands at 232 feet. 93.3 million baked bricks has used to build it.

Jetavanaramaya Monastery
Jetavanaramaya Monastery


The ancient city of Anuradhapura is summarized as below

Anuradhapura is greatest kingdom of the ancient world that dates back to 5th Century BC. Uniquely The city also has rainwater reservoirs ,  palaces, monasteries and  ruins that are fascinating to visit. furthermore  The city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies 205 km north of the current capital Colombo in Sri Lanka. There are several places to go and see. We wish to you a good trip in The ancient city of Anuradhapura.


Correspondingly Other places in The ancient city of Anuradhapura list as below.

  1. Abhayagiri Dagoba
  2. Anuradhapura World Heritage Site
  3. Archaeological Museum
  4. Isurumuniya Vihara
  5. Ratnaprasada
  6. Sandahiru Seya
  7. Royal Pleasure Gardens
  8. Thuparama Dagoba
  9. Kuttam Pokuna
  10. Jetavanarama Museum
  11. Moonstone
  12. Mirisavatiya Dagoba
  13. Abhayagiri Museum
  14. Samadhi Buddha Statue
  15. Eth Pokuna (Elephant Pond)
  16. Alms Hall
  17. Kaparamula
  18. Padhanagara
  19. Nuwara Wewa
  20. Lankarama Dagoba
  21. Vessagiriya
  22. Lowamahapaya
  23. The Royal Palace
  24. Dakkhina Stupa
  25. Tissa Wewa

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